Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I know at first this might sound a little scary, but bare/bear with me. I have this baby powder that my friend gave me when Mark (and I) was going to law school. I rarely use powder, especially this one. I think this line was closing out back when my friend gave it to me, so I probably couldn't ever find it again. Therefore, I use it sparingly, because I love the smell, and it brings up so many memories. When I shake it into my hands and the smell rises up to my nose, I am instantly back in our apartment at Stanford. I can picture standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes. I can picture the courtyard with the swings, trees and grass. Faces of sweet friends and their children pass through my mind. Memories of some amazing times in my life with Mark. There are specific smells that do that for me. They might induce a different memory of a different time and place, and I love that. I'm grateful that the sense of smell can bring with it so many memories.