Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Divine Intervention

Happy Birthday Dad.

Okay so I'm sure it wasn't divine intervention exactly. This piece of furniture, which is a filing drawer, could have done some major damage to my body and prevented me from going on my cruise or at the very least made it not as fun to go on the cruise. I had one of those dumb moments when I had the big bottom drawer open looking for stuff and then opened the top drawer at the same time. I'm sure may of you've experienced this same phenomenon. The entire unit at this point falls forward with all the weight from the drawers pulled out in front of it. Notice the decor on top. Unit is falling forward. I realize what is happening and try top push top drawer back in quickly, but it's still falling and everything on top is coming quickly to the front edge. I'm trying to catch stuff on top, not let the whole unit fall and not get hurt. My sister Diane is downstairs when all the crashing sounds start. She thinks I'm getting killed. I yell I'm okay, but I need help. I manage to stop the smell good stick thingy with my leg. So I'm smelling really good, and luckily the oil didn't get all over my important papers. I also manage to stop one of the large candlesticks with my face. CRAP that hurt. "Did that leave a mark?" (from Tommy Boy for those who've seen it.) Everything else fell, but luckily, the rest of my body went unharmed. All was set aright, and I truly was grateful that it wasn't worse. With the way my cheek hurt after that candlestick hit me, I thought I was going to have a good ole black mark. It hurt for the next few days, but it never did discolor. Go figure. I was more worried that my favorite sweats were going to permanently smell like that oil, but even that came out in the wash. Yeah.