Monday, November 24, 2008

Hot Tub

This picture actually taken in August when Patrick was visiting. Love this picture and they're in the hot tub!!

Tonight the kids and I went out after dinner and sat in the hot tub. We were sitting in the dark, the cold cool air blowing slightly and having the best time. The kids ended up getting too hot and went inside. I stayed out for a few minutes more. Just listening to the sounds around me and letting the heat of the water sooth my body. The hot tub is positioned right next to the pool and slightly higher. I was sitting at the spillway to the pool, watching the water ripple with the breeze and the light from the pool seemed to dance across the surface. The stars were bright and the sky so clear. There were crickets singing a soothing song. I was paying close attention to my breathing and letting every breath I took register in my brain. It was cathartic. I wish I could do things like that more often. They're very good for the soul. I'm so glad it is working!!! (The hot tub that is.)