Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~10.6.2010 ~


Almost ten months since I've written. It feels like I'm coming back to a long lost friend. Wondering if they'll take me back. Wondering if I have it in me to open up my soul and be honest with myself again. I've wanted to write my thoughts a few times, but one thing or another kept me from it. So many things have happened....this is harder than I thought...when I was writing all the time, the words came easier. Now I struggle. I type. I erase. I try to remember what I want to put down on paper. I guess the biggest thing I want to remember is how I felt about 2 months ago. It happened slowly. I knew it was happening, but I just kept thinking if I stayed upbeat and optimistic and just kept moving forward, it would sort itself out. Depression.

{today is Dec.14, 2010 - I decided to post today. I saw this draft from the 6th of October that I never finished. I am going to post it today and then continue on}