Sunday, July 26, 2009

{july 26, 2009} The uncensored, entertaining ramblings of a 3 year old - late at night!

I was checking out Facebook. Lucas is in bed next to me. He wanted to sleep with me tonight. We were going to bed late, but we started at least an hour or so ago. He's been quiet where I thought he had fallen asleep then he would say a few things and be quiet again. Then he started talking. He didn't even wait for me to answer most of the time. It's so funny how his mind goes from thought to thought, and so I just started typing everything that I could as it was coming out of his mouth. This is what took place over the next 20 minutes.

Lucas: When I was big like Tessa. When I was 10. I was, I was a baby, and when I was born like a baby, I was stronger like George of the Jungle. (Starts singing)George, George, George of the Jungle Strong as he can be. Watch out for that belly button.

(He laughs at himself. He thinks it's funny to use different words for "tree." He used one right after belly button that he knew was a bad one.)

Lucas: That was disgusting. I shouldn't say that, should I?

Me: No, probably not a good word to use.

Lucas: Yeah, (singing) George, George of the Jungle Strong as he can be. Watch out for that lamp. When I was 3 I was good. When I was little I was 6. When I was just a baby, I was 3 like a baby, cause my name is Lucas Baby. you're gonna be little in like 2 minutes, yeah, you are. You're so cute like a baby! Mom when you were a baby, you were born. (Not a question, but a statement) And what's you're number.

Me: I'm not sure what you mean by that.

Lucas: Your number is 6, 12. Grandma is the same order as you. Mom I'll do the key and get the mail for you okay. Hey mom, I'll click when I play Blue Clue's. Can I play Blue Clue's tonight? (It's 11:38 pm) You know the Upside Down show? Yeah. It's funny, but I like to go to bed and sleep. I'm just kidding, but I'm not gonna say kidding when I go to sleep. I'm SO kidding. What about no covers, I can just use my snugly. Do you like covers on? I don't like covers on. I just like my snugly. When Noah babysits you, do you want to watch Pikachu? I'll babysit you at mom's house. I'm going to take a picture of you when you were a baby. (My camera is here next to me.) I was just kidding of taking a picture of you when you were a baby. I was taking a picture of you when you were a baby. I want to take a picture of your lap.

(I take off the lens cap, turn it on, and show him which button to push. I also tell him he has to look through the little hole.)

Lucas: I can't see.

Me: Look through the hole. See my hand? (waving it in front - big smile appears on his face)

Lucas: I want to take a picture of you and the lamp. Which button do you press? (Chase come in the room) Chase I'm gonna take a picture of you. Flash. Chaser, I did it.

Chase: You almost did.

Lucas: Chase take a picture.

(This is the picture Chase took. I was going to stop typing what Lucas was saying, but then he said this:

Lucas: Mom can I squeeze your mouth and you say pineapple.

Me: Okay, sure.

Lucas: Okay say Peter Piper Pineapple. Laughs. I'm just kidding. I'm gonna roll over and go to sleep. I'm going to bed, I'm going to bed. (It's 11:50)

(Five seconds later.)

I wish I had record of these kinds of conversations from my other three children when they were little. What I wouldn't give to know back then what I know now.