Friday, February 29, 2008

A Little Drama

After school, Chase noticed that Princess' cage was open. That is Tessa's hampster. He asked if Tessa had her. Which I was sure the answer was "no." Lucas was the likely culprit. We don't know when she got out, but I was pretty certain we were never going to see Princess again. Tessa and two of her friends were looking in corners, and under piles of clothes. Piles of clothes? Yes, my kids have piles, much to my frustration and dismay. Well, fortunately, Princess found the pajama pile in Tessa's closet particularly comfy. It was lucky that Tessa didn't smash her as she grabbed the front of the pile. With that one move, she revealed Princess in deep slumber; which allowed Tess to pick Princess up with no chasing, screaming or trapping.

A little drama that had a happy ending!