Monday, November 17, 2008


My sweet new friend came over to help me with some stuff today and her little girl and Lucas had the best time. They put on swim goggles and were pretend swimming on the trampoline. You can see that Diva #3 (as she's known on her own blog) is holding her breath under the water while she's swimming. Hilarious! They were both using their arms to swim, swim, swim. I love the imagination of a child. They are so creative. It was so fun to see them play and work things out through the day. I'm so grateful for children, for the opportunity to watch them imagine and grow. It's so simple and yet so fulfilling to stop and take in the wonder of a child. I'm also grateful for my friend who's talent to sort, organize and throw away helped me accomplish so much today.


Nick Scott Family said...

Marianne - I love your new posts! Glad to see you guys are loving your new place in AZ! I'm jealous of your weather right now!