Sunday, November 2, 2008


Many things happened today to focus my gratitude on friends. It was my dear friends birthday and I was thinking of her all day. Also, Chase had taken a trip to Utah this weekend and when I picked him up tonight he told about seeing so many of our sweet friends from Draper. I cried. I miss them. I have thought about the many friends I have had in my life. Some I've kept in touch with, some I haven't. Either way, each one has been a blessing to me at that particular time in my life. Being in a new place, I look forward to making new friends. I can only hope that I have been the same kind of friend to all those I am grateful for today.


Bryce and Miranda said...

Yeah I have so anxious to hear how you have been doing in Arizona. Sounds like you are settling in great. I know what you mean by moving to a new place and needing new friends. Luckily I live by some great friends here in Philly. I am so glad Chase got to visit Utah. We are doing great here. Just work for me and school for Bryce. Mckay leaves for Italy tomorrow. I love and Miss you.ticia