Saturday, November 29, 2008


Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!! I had the scariest, most nauseating plane ride of my life. I was pulling back to my memory any lamaze breathing lessons I could conjure up to try and keep my food from hurling back from my stomach into a teeny tiny white bag all while leaning as far forward as I could to try and minimize the movement, selecting to listen to Hillary Weeks (all about Christ) music as loud as I could to go to a happy place. It was like riding the worst roller coaster ride for what seemed like an hour. I kept thinking that if I was going to die in a plane crash, it certainly wasn't fair that I had to be feeling nauseous and throwing up all over to boot. The cute pilot kept coming telling us in a very calm voice that the plane was fine. It was handling the rough weather and we would be out of it soon. That helped calm my fears about crashing a little. There was a moment when my stomach rested and I pictured my kids faces. I couldn't help thinking how unfair it would be if I died and they were left with no parent at all. My tears started and the silent sobbing followed. I didn't believe I was going to die, but my emotions were pretty volatile in the state I was in. I also started to realize that my stomach was calming the more I was crying, so I didn't try to stop it. My poor sister didn't know what to do, but she kept rubbing my back which did make me feel better. I appreciated her comforting touch. Once the roller coaster stopped. It got a little better. I was breathing through my t-shirt so I couldn't smell any other smells that might trigger my own reflux. Needless to say we landed safe and sound and I have never been more grateful to put my feet on solid ground. (Side note - I think I slept 12+ hours that night. I was ready but nervous for a week of relaxation on the "rolling seas" which I'm still recovering from. I didn't get sick mind you, but the sea was definitely rockin' and I still catch myself rockin' from time to time. It was an amazing trip - details to follow.)