Sunday, January 4, 2009

{week of dec. 29 - jan. 4}

sunday - january 4, 2009

I drove Patrick to the airport this morning. It was great to have him home for such a long holiday break. It was sad to say goodbye, but he's excited about his next semester classes. Lucas became a SUNBEAM in primary today. He's so young. It's going to be a challenge for his teacher in sharing time, but I think he really enjoyed his class time. I had to bribe him to keep on the crown for a picture and to get him to smile. He's such a pill. The oldest and the youngest. Amazing.

saturday - january 3, 2009

Just funny little things the kids do. Lucas got that big box of Goldfish from Santa, and he's willing to share, but he doesn't want it to be taken away. I had told him he'd had enough, so the next thing I know he's hiding back in this little spot shoving in goldfish as fast as he can. Chase was bored as we were waiting for our food at the restaurant and came up with this trick, of course Tessa wanted to try it after that. I just love all the things kids do that bring a smile to my face.

friday - january 2, 2009

Met some friends at this dance studio and learned the Cha Cha. After the lessons they had a dance, so we could practice. It was a blast. I also got to dance some East Coast Swing, and the Ma range (I've never done that last dance before.) It was a blast. Then we went to the Single Adult dance after that. I was dancing for almost 4 hours straight. I LOVE it!

thursday - january 1, 2009

Geocaching (or treasure hunting) is our new family hobby. At least Santa is trying to bring that about. The big guy gave our family a GPS, and today we tried our first hunt. It was a two leg hunt, meaning with the first coordinates we found a clue to the cache. That bolt on the left is a magnet, and the second set of coordinates were on the back of it. It took forever to find. It was on a pagoda at the park with about 50 bolts on it. So cool. Sadly we couldn't find the cache at the final coordinates. We had a picnic at the park of crackers, meat and cheese. Threw the football, kicked the soccer ball, and basked in the sun. What a great way to spend the first day of the new year.

wednesday - december 31, 2008

First, we saw more of our friends from Draper today. It's so good to see our old friends. It makes me a little homesick. Have I already said that. Second, we went to see this movie "Seven Pounds" because we love Will Smith, the previews made it look good, but let me just say this is definitely not the "feel good movie of the year." I was definitely happy to go out dancing for the New Year and get my mind off that story.

tuesday - december 30, 2008

We enjoyed a tasty mexican feast and birthday festivities for sweet Gabby's birthday. She and Tessa are friends and Gabby's mom has become a dear friend of mine. I feel very lucky to have her in my life. Friends are the icing on the cake.

monday - december 29, 2008

This is why I live here. The sun was hot, the sky was beautiful and the company was fabulous. Our friends from Draper came through AZ for a quick visit. It was so wonderful to see them, and luckily the weather cooperated. We got together a couple of times. Today we were able to go to the pool and lay in the sun in the middle of winter.


Thomas Family said...

Wow, you have had quite the year! 2008 has brought you challenges, change and lots of new surprises, blessings, growth and beauty! You look absolutely beautiful in your pictures, any guy not asking you to dance at any New Year's Eve dance is out of his mind! I have not read your blog for quite some time. Syd Lunt Hansgen, my sisters's sister-in-law, was over during the Christmas holidays and mentioned you and yours and so I was curious. I am so grateful to see you and your survival and happiness and life!

What an inspiration you are for me. I appreciate you and your willingness to share your moments and your life.

2009 will bring you new adventures and blessings! I can tell you are living life to its fullest and you will have happiness, it is time!

Thanks for your example!

If you are ever bored, the very dorky Thomas family has its moments as well:!

Jennifer Lund Thomas


I was reviewing my "favorites" today and I looked at your blog. It was terrific seeing you and your kids and seeing how well all of you are doing. You have made a good choice in your move to Arizona. I look out my window and love the beautiful snow but envy you at the pool with NO SNOW. I will be retiring in August and hope to be south often in the winter. I hope you and your kids continue to thrive in the Arizona warmth.
Dave Folland

Melissa said...

I love how Lucas is holding the pink barbie car with the Barbies. LOL... Thanks for sharing Gab's birthday with us. We love you guys so much and are so thankful to have you in our lives. XOXO

Downs Family said...

I am so glad you have joined the ban of geocachers!! That one with the bolt looked like an awesome one. We have still loved doing that as a family. We love you guys!!