Wednesday, January 14, 2009

{week of jan. 5 - jan. 11}

sunday - january 11, 2009

I told Lucas I would make cookies after church if he would be a big boy and sit down during sharing time in primary. He is having the hardest time. I haven't made cookies for the longest time. I think I've lost all desire to be domestic. Needless to say, the kids had a blast and the cookies were the best cookies I've eaten in a long time.

saturday - january 10, 2009

So, it was finally time to take down Christmas. Okay it was overdue time to take down Christmas. The kids were awesome and we had it done fast. Chase was the "He" man and put that heavy tree in it's box and lugged it to the garage by himself. It's so great that he can do that kind of stuff now. Tessa was gathering all the little stuff from around the house while I packed up the Rubbermaid containers and stacked them back out on the shelves in the garage until next year. It's sad when Christmas is over, but there's something very therapeutic about putting all the decorations away and cleaning up to start fresh. (Even if it's not the first of January.)

friday - january 9, 2009

My dad got a new hip today. He was looking great and not in any pain which was awesome. Unfortunately, the next day after the spinal block had worn off, the pain set in pretty bad. I hope they can get it under control and help him sleep too. It's hard to heal when you can't sleep. It will be so great for him to be able to get around better in the near future. He was really suffering with a lot of pain before the surgery.

thursday - january 8, 2009

G-ma Mary gave the kids this great little kit to do the Coke with mento's explosion experiment. Many neighbors gathered in our circle to watch this grand display. It was over and done with in a matter of a couple of seconds. I was lucky enough to capture the fountain at it's highest point. It's pretty amazing to see the photo. The real time event was over too fast to really enjoy, but the anticipation was fun and I'm sure we'll try it again sometime.

wednesday - january 7, 2009

First of all, how hilarious is this. Could he get any closer to the television. Tess and I were dying. Second, Lucas in a top and unders only has been a common site over the last few days. He got "Big Boy" underwear from Santa, and he put them on Christmas day and had a very successful day for someone who hadn't been at all interested in trying out the potty. Then we digressed and went back to the diaper quickly, but yesterday as we took Chase back to school. (He had walked home after a lock down was over. There had been a shooting nearby earlier that morning, and the sheriff's office had told the district to lock down the nearby schools.) Lucas was very upset he wasn't "going to school" with Chase. I told him that he had to be wearing his underwear and going to the bathroom in the potty before he could go to school. It's been going great so far.

tuesday - january 6, 2009

I was getting ready for a date when I picked up my favorite lipstick - Maybeline #50 Pink-a-boo. I have been using this lipstick for 20 years. I remember wearing it in class at BYU before Mark and I even dated. I try lots of other colors and I mix them all up to create new colors, but this color has been a staple in my makeup bag for a long time. When I realized this fact, I just had to document this funny tidbit of my life.

monday - january 5, 2009

I promised the kids I would take them to spend their Christmas money from G-pa Ray and Margy. Tess got a motorized scooter, so she could zip around with the other two girls in our circle. Chase has gotten re-excited and interested in Lego's. Now, however he builds them and sets them up to display on his shelves. It's pretty fun to watch him painstakingly put these large models together. Lucas of course wants to play with them, and Chase is pretty generous at letting Lucas have a little playtime with the "big ships."