Saturday, January 24, 2009

{week of jan. 19 - jan. 25}

saturday january 24, 2009

Today this package arrived on our doorstep for Tessa's birthday. My kids and I are continually blessed by the sweetest family ever. The Adamson's continually remember each of our kids birthdays. Look at this darling hat and purse they sent Tessa. Bill was Mark's best friend and he and his family have been so good to us. We love them and appreciate them so much.

friday - january 23, 2009

I bought a new toy today. I've been wanting to do this for a very long time. I love taking pictures and I love my little point and shoot for everyday, take on trips, throw in your purse kinds of photos. But I want to take better photos, and I'd love to become a photographer. I think beautiful photos are magical and I love when I can make magic. I'm going to be reading up and practicing a lot.

thursday - january 22, 2009

While we were staying at my brother's over the weekend he showed us this Christmas present he got. Laser tag guns. He had purchased a whole bunch of extra sets that he was going to take back. Well we took them off his hands, and the kids have been having a blast having matches. Until I pulled up this photo, I hadn't noticed that Chase's new church basketball jersey was the #10. It just brought a little tear to my eye. The kids all ask for #10 because that was their dad's number.

wednesday - january 21, 2009

I've met a guy that lives in Prescott. Lucas and I went up for a day date. I didn't take this picture, but it is Thumb Butte. I found this gorgeous picture online. Doug had pointed it out to me when we went into town for lunch. I actually held up my thumb, and I could see the silhouette was the same. My plan was to take the picture myself, but clearly I didn't. After lunch we were going to go feed the ducks and see if we could find snow and let Lucas do some sledding. As we went to lunch we could tell Lucas was not feeling well. He fell asleep on the bench and didn't even eat. When we left I could tell he had a fever. Once we got him some Tylenol he got feeling so much better, and was bouncing off the walls. It was great day.

tuesday - january 20, 2009

On our drive home during daylight we passed through this area near Palm Springs with all these windmills. I've heard about this valley that has so much wind that they've built all these windmills to gather energy from the wind. Not only is it a grand idea, but it's really a spectacular site as well. It's usually been dark as I've driven through this spot, so it was fun to see this phenomenal place.

monday - january 19, 2009

It was a hard day, but a good day. As we waited in line and then rode "Soarin' Over California" the tears came freely. I could picture Mark sitting there watching the kids with pure joy on his face. He so loved this ride. Disneyland was a good place to be on this day. I think Mark might have smiled down on us a few times. Like at the end of the night when Lucas surprisingly decided to go on "Splash Mountain" three times, or as he watched his three children comfort and love their mother through a trying day.