Monday, April 27, 2009

{week of apr. 27 - may 3}

sunday, may 3, 2009

Chase had tried to fish a little yesterday with no luck. He tried again this morning with no luck still. I've noticed for myself that fishing isn't always about catching fish. You put in the work and the effort with HOPE that you will catch a fish. Sometimes we have to go back again and again before we catch one. And the joy when we do catch one is thrilling. The best thing about this day was waking up to the beauty, peace and stillness of nature and then following that up with the beauty, peace and stillness of the spirit. Correlation = aren't we supposed to be "fishers of men?" Don't we need/want to keep trying again and again never giving up HOPE that we will bring someone to the truth and light of the gospel. Just Thinking.

saturday, may 2, 2009

Went camping for a quick over-nighter at Lynx Lake in Prescott, AZ. Ate yummy steaks and potato salad. Went for a night hike around the lake. Taunted some poor lake birds. Sat by the fire. Roasted marshmallows. Had such a fun and relaxing time.

friday, may 1, 2009

Tonight Doug and I went to celebrate the birthday of our friend Emily. When we arrived at their house for a BBQ we were introduced to the newest members of their family. Hailey and Comet (left to right, girl and boy.) They were the sweetest little things. So new. They were shy, but curious at the same time. Our friends have only been married a few months. I hope adding puppies is a good thing. They already seemed like lots of work while we were there. Of course it made me "puppy hungry," but as I watched them spend so much time taking care of them, I also remembered why I don't want a dog. My poor kids - they suffer because of me.

thursday, april 30, 2009

Isn't he cute? No really, isn't he beautiful. I saw him from my upstairs window. Darting from a large Purple Lantana, across the driveway and up toward the front door. I grabbed my camera and raced downstairs. I couldn't believe my luck when I opened the door and there he sat emerging from the Yellow Lantana near my front door. I literally had seconds to snap this picture before he was gone.

wednesday, april 29, 2009

Seriously????? We've already gone through two nesting's on the vent from our fireplace of presumably the same pair of morning doves. There was a picture of the first nest back in March when the babies where only days from leaving the nest. On the 14th of April I have another picture of the pair on a nest on the vent. When the second set of babies had flown I took down the nesting materials and pulled up the chicken wire so it wasn't a nice little scooped out place to build a nest. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I love wildlife and nature and watching this miracle is fun and educational, but the mess right in the middle of my back porch is not my favorite, thus the attempt at deterring another nest on the vent. Well I succeeded in preventing that location, so they moved just a few feet down the porch onto my nice soft towels on the rack near the pool. Lovely. Third time in 3 months!? Maybe, hopefully, this is not the same couple. Oh well, we'll be the proud family of two more baby morning doves in a few weeks time.

tuesday, april 28, 2009

Tess and I had a "date night" tonight. We went to one of those places where you pick out a ceramic piece of your choice and paint it, leave it for a few days for them to fire it and then whaalaa - how do you spell that ? - you pick up a glossy finished absolutely beautiful work of art to take home. We painted it together and had such a nice night together. Someday, this incredible daughter of mine, will be wanting to spend her free time going on dates with boys instead of her old mom. I'm so grateful for a few more years.

monday, april 27, 2009

Sometimes I'm grasping for a POTD. This would be one of those, and yet it's the cute simple pictures and happenings that we so easily forget. Lucas really wanted me to get a picture of what's inside his mouth, and as soon as I took it, he wanted to see it. He's fascinated with pictures of himself. Therefore, he still wants to have his picture taken. This phenomenon might not last too much longer, so I take full advantage of it.