Monday, April 13, 2009

{week of apr. 13 - apr. 19}

sunday, april 19, 2009

This is a watershed lake up in Prescott called Goldwater Lake. After church and some hamburgers on the grill, we went up just to enjoy nature. It really was beautiful. I had so many beautiful pictures of the sun on the water and some with the ducks and geese, but I chose this picture. The simple joys. Looking for the perfect flat rock and the attempt at skipping it. Chase loves it and I swear I can't almost 12 skips on one of his throws today. A friend was telling me about a lake in Montana where the beach is covered in smooth flat stones. I'm going to have to make it there someday.

saturday, april 18, 2009

Late at night...scrappin' away. We have so much fun. We laugh and talk about all kinds of crazy things. We give each other help when we're stuck in a creative rut. I'm often cold, so it's perfectly fitting that I'm in my sweatshirt. Can't say I got a whole lot of scrapbook pages done. Will say I bought a lot, even though I promised myself I wouldn't. It's all good.

friday, april 17. 2009

So anyone who scrapbooks will know that someone famous is in this picture with me, my sister, my mom and our friends. We took her class at the convention and she came back and chatted with our group. She thought it was way fun and cool that we were all there together. We took this picture with her. {She is so skinny, tiny and sweet} I was so excited when I went to her blog and saw that she had posted the same picture....does this mean I'm kinda famous?

thursday, april 16, 2009

I love this picture, and do you want to know why? My mom is amazing at journaling. Seriously...she keeps track of everything. We went to a scrap book convention this weekend; my mom, my sister and I. We started in the year 2000. I think I've only missed one year. We have such a fun time. Sometimes our friends come. Sometimes my sister-in-laws come. We laugh and buy and scrap. But this picture depicts what it's all about. Journaling. Sharing the stories of what, when, why, where and how.

wednesday, april 15, 2009

Do you know what my insane, perfectionist mind just did...I went looking (10 minutes) for this stupid cactus' name. I drive myself crazy. All I wanted to say was "LOOK AT THE BEAUTY OF THESE FLOWERS." How can a prickly scary looking thing called a cactus produce something this amazing? Well, it's happening all over right now. I've never seen so many colors and varieties. It's fantastic. There really is beauty in everything. Sometimes you just have to be patient to see it.

tuesday, april 14, 2009

We literally had two full pool days, yesterday and today. Luckily the weather cooperated great on Monday and wasn't too bad today. Most of the Giles got a little red. I felt bad. I tried to heat up the pool so we could actually enjoy it. Even though we can have toasty days. The nights still get cold enough to keep the water cold. We had so much fun.

monday, april 13, 2009

Yeah!!! We had more visitors. The Giles came to stay for a few days during their Spring Break time. The kids were so excited. The kids hadn't seen each other since October for some and July for the others. It was really great to catch up and hang out. We took them to one of our favorite places for dinner down at Desert Ridge. It's a yummy place called "Islands." I told Kelly about the "Yaki" tacos, and she was very happy with them. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I tried something different and it just wasn't as satisfying. :(