Monday, April 20, 2009

{week of apr. 20 - apr. 26}

sunday, april 26, 2009

Look at this beautiful daughter of mine. I can't believe how lucky I am to have her in my life. She is thoughtful, giving, happy and really beautiful. I realize over the next few years her teen attitude might take over and things could be more stressful between us as mother and daughter, so I wanted to document how wonderful she is and how blessed I am right this moment.

saturday, april 25, 2009

This was our view from the bedroom suite we had. Rachel has some connections so we were in a really nice room. I haven't been to Vegas {in a hotel/casino} for a very long time. I realized I haven't missed anything. Although I love the fun shows available, I don't love the overall feeling and atmosphere, and SERIOUSLY????, why on earth is this the only place where a non-smoker must inhale a pack of cigarettes just to get from the hotel entrance to hotel room? Let me share a joke I read once. "A non-smoking section in a restaurant, is like having a non-peeing section in a swimming pool." Think about it...funny huh!?

friday, april 24, 2009

Rachel, Mom, Diane and I left my house at about 1pm and drove to Vegas to attend Brit's bridal shower. Her mom Sheryl is in the middle. Brit is marrying my nephew Michael. I'm not going to make the wedding, so I was really excited to take a girls road trip out for the shower. It was a blast, and then we went over to Brit's house and chatted for awhile. Great memories.

thursday, april 23, 2009

My sweet sister and her husband Jim are so good to us. They always have us over for dinner. Today was their anniversary. I meant to call all day, but I never did get around to it, I'm pathetic. I know.

wednesday, april 22, 2009

Chase was in a "One-act" play written and directed by a senior in his drama class. He had a big part and he has to kiss the girl in this scene four different times. Poor guy. He did a really great job, and the premise of the play was four different pairs of people - one engaged couple, two sisters, two scam artists and two buddies moving out for school (that's what Chase was) - are trying to see who can last the longest in the apartment. Whoever does gets to stay in the apartment for free.

tuesday, april 21, 2009

I've been wanting to get a picture of gas prices before they go back up. When we moved down to AZ last August, the price was $4 something. I think it got close to $5, but then it dropped. I can't remember when, but I keep hearing it's inevitable that it will go back up again. So here's proof that it was under $2.00 once.

monday, april 20, 2009

See the cute little tie on Lucas? Well I bought it for Easter. He wore it for Easter, and now we haven't seen it since. How does a tie just disappear? Oh well, it looked cute for the day and who knows, maybe it will turn up somewhere...sometime.


Melissa said...

I seriously think I saw this tie in the lost and found at church. Actually, it's just the lost n found table.. lol. I knew it looked familiar! I'll keep my eye out for it. Love you.