Monday, February 9, 2009

{week of feb. 9 - feb. 15}

sunday, february 15, 2009

Patrick is taking a guitar class at the community college. He started off at Beginner level, but the teacher moved him up to Intermediate. It was really nice to hear him play. He's very good, and occasionally he sings as he's playing. That's my favorite. We had such a wonderful visit. I'm so excited for his future. I think he's going to have great success and fun at school. Now we just have to wait to hear back from the schools.

saturday, february 14, 2009

We headed down to Missoula fairly early this morning to go check out the city and campus of University of Montana. Patrick has applied to school there. The gal who plays basketball had another game down in Missoula today too, so we went to watch her play again. These are both friends of P's from Montana Academy. The other picture is me eating a "Velveteen Bison" wrap. Yes...I can now say I've eaten bison, and it was A...MAZ...ING! I know a great place to eat if P ends up going to U of M!

friday, february 13, 2009

I am in love with this place - HuHot. It's one of those places where you grab bowl (or two) fill them with meats, noodles, veggies, spices and sauces; then you give your bowl to a guy who stir fry's it all together on a huge hot plate. There is a peanut sauce that I can't get enough of, but what makes it the best is I can pile a ton of cilantro in my bowl. I love that herb. Anyway, I was totally looking forward to going there as part of my trip.

thursday, february 12, 2009

It was so amazingly beautiful inside the new Draper Temple. This is right up from my old house in Utah, so there's a sentimental pull to it for me. I was so grateful to have my sweet friend go with me. It really was so peaceful and gorgeous. I'm always amazed at the attention to details that go into the temples. I tried to take in every little detail I could. I could feel the spirit so strong and I now I can't wait to go back in the summer when I go to the temple to do work. I got to see my FIL and his wife for lunch before I flew to MT for the weekend with Patrick. I got to MT in time to see one of P's good friends play in a big basketball game. She was awesome. She scored 37 points and broke the school record for most points. Great day!

wednesday, february 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law. I met her and two of my SIL's for lunch at TGIFriday's and had a blast catching up. Of course I forgot to take a picture there. After that I went to check out the new office building that my BIL and good friend/dentist had built in my old home town. It was gorgeous, but I burst into tears when I happened to notice this plaque as I entered the building. I didn't know they were going to do that. I was emotional the rest of the day. I wasn't expecting all those emotions. The picture below was taken at the old PGHS gymnasium. My niece was performing her final drill team dance for Senior night. I can't believe she's already graduating. That...does not mean I'm getting old.

tuesday, february 10, 2009

It was so great to be back with my girls in Utah. I love all these guys so much. I'm only sad I wasn't able to see everyone. Hugs to those I missed. It was a sunny winter day, but so cold for my acclimated Arizona self. Kristie and I did a little shopping - so fun. Then we picked up Asian Star (best food ever) for dinner. Thanks Jen for letting all of us come over and eat and hang in your gorgeous basement. It was such a blast. I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable evening. Seriously, these gals are so amazing. I've been so blessed to know these wonderful women.

monday, february 9, 2009

Oh, Lucas. He didn't just want to watch Blue's Clues. He wanted to watch the VHS tape we have, and on the little TV on the stairs where Tessa had been doing Sing star on the Wii. Notice pajamas from where he changed, a waffle in bowl, "light savor" on stairs...he's set. What a kid!


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This is Demetrios. Long time, no speak. I finally figured out how to post a message to you--I think. I have been on your site often, but have never figured out how to post until now. Figure that? 7 years at Stanford and I can't post a message on your site. . .

Anyhow, I have great news. Kim is pregnant!! I am going to be a father!! Can you believe it? She is due August 19. We are having a GIRL! I know that Mark is having a good laugh at my expense. I have never fired a gun, but I have started buying some . . .

I wanted you to know. I'm glad the kids are doing well, and I love hearing about you. Shoot me an email when you can:

Take care of yourself,


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