Monday, February 16, 2009

{week of feb. 16 - feb. 22}

sunday, february 22, 2009

Best Picture - "Slumdog Millionaire"
haven't seen
Best Director - Danny Boyle "Slumdog Millionaire" - haven't seen
Best Actor - Sean Penn "Milk"
haven't seen
Best Actress - Kate Winslet "The Reader"
haven't seen
Best Supporting Actor - Heath Ledger "The Dark Knight"
saw - he was great, but I just wonder if getting into such an evil sinister role
might have contributed to his depression before dying
Best Supporting Actress - Penelope Cruz "Vicky Christina Barcelona"
haven't seen
Best Animated Feature - "Wall-E"
Yeah!!!!!!!! Finally a great film for the WHOLE FAMILY.

saturday, february 21, 2009

Birthdays! So much fun. My niece's little son turned two a few days ago and today we got to go celebrate with everyone for his big day. This is the face of pure pleasure after having free reign to devour with both hands two personal cupcakes just for him. We all got to ice and decorate our very own cupcakes. What a great party.

friday, february 20, 2009

So remember back when I had my accident on the quad, well under the big scrape was a large mass of something. I went to see the doctor and she sent me to get it aspirated (sucked out.) I know gross, huh? They were worried that the blood might have started to congeal, which would mean they couldn't suck it out. They did a little ultrasound, numbed a spot near my scrape (OW!)and then pulled 75 cc's (almost a 1/2 cup) of blood from my leg. ***This is a representation made with Crystal Light Ruby Red, just so you could have a visual of how much fluid was under my skin. feels so much better now.

thursday, february 19, 2009

Our stake had planned an Enrichment Night planned for the sisters at the Visitor's Center at the Mesa Temple, where we watched "Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration" movie. I've seen it before, but the spirit was very strong as I watched this story again. I was moved to tears as I watched the depiction of a beloved prophet of God going through so much pain and adversity with such a strong Faith and Hope. I have no doubt he is a prophet of God. It has been testified to me through the spirit so many times. I am so grateful for his example of Faith and Hope. This was a wonderful night. I was lucky to be with wonderful friends and family, feel of the spirit of God's grace and enjoy the beauty of one of His glorious temples.

wednesday, february 18, 2009

These gorgeous ladies are my visiting teachers. They took Lucas and I out to lunch today. We met at a new place for me called "Blowfish." I knew they served sushi, which I have very little experience with, but they also had my favorite - shrimp tempura with tempura vegetables. It was delicious. They are the sweetest gals and I just love visiting with them and being friends with them. I'm a very lucky girl.

tuesday, february 17, 2009

After my visit to Utah, I came home with a variety of sweet gifts from Gma Mary. This little "duck" hat was for Lucas and he loved it. We had a whole photo shoot of different faces and angles with the duck hat on. As I was thinking about it just now, I realized that he is often wearing some kind of hat in almost every picture. He wears them mainly because he doesn't like having his hair done (squirted down and combed,) therefore, he asks to wear a hat instead. I love him in hats so it works for me. Everyone leaves the house happy...unless he wants a specific hat and we can't find it!

monday, february 16, 2009

We sort of have a tradition to hit a movie on these Monday holidays from school. We used to have sleepovers with the Giles the night before as well. Even with no sleepover, the kids were excited to go to the movies today. We chose to see "Coraline." It seemed reminiscent of Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" and all my kids love that movie and others by him. This was fantastically animated and detailed. It's a cute little story, but scary. Lucas was a tiny bit frightened by the button-eyed mom that turns into a spider. I was able to calm him by saying she's very similar to Jack Skellington from "Nightmare." He loves Jack, so that made things a little better. I love these kids. I'm only sad Patrick couldn't join us. He would have loved this movie.