Monday, February 23, 2009

{week of feb. 23 - march 1}

sunday, march 1, 2009

Diane and I have talked often how there is something special about catching people in photos from behind. It feels as if you are witnessing a special moment between the people without disturbing their privacy. Dad had taken Lucas out to see if they could see any of the fish in the pond. Just a quiet moment between a Grandpa and his grand son. One little photo can say so much. The story can be felt even though there are no words.

saturday, february 28, 2009

My Uncle Leon passed away this week and my sister and I drove to Utah for his funeral. I loved my Uncle Leon. I didn't see him as often as I wish I had, but I treasure the memories I have of him. My dearest memory was his challenge to a footrace whenever I came to visit. He was so fast and he always beat me. Once I finally beat him, and he never challenged me again. I know he could beat me now. I was grateful to hear the fun memories of him from when he was younger. His kids and grand kids shared stories; some that I didn't know and some that I had experienced with him myself. The picture it painted made him even more special and dear to me. He always told me he wanted me to sing at his funeral, and I was honored to be able to sing for him one last time.

friday, february 27, 2009

"I don't want to see," he said as the scary dinosaur part was coming on the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth. Isn't it funny that our need to see just overcomes our fear even at such a young age. It proves that temptation is a very hard thing to resist even in the youngest most innocent of souls. This picture just makes me smile.

thursday, february 26, 2009

This, my friends, is a dish I have eaten since I can remember. We call it Eggs Ala Goldenrod. I have found only a few people in my lifetime who eat this same dish. You hard boil eggs. Make a white gravy. Add the whites of the eggs to the gravy. Take the yokes and mash them up. Make toast. Put the gravy over the toast and then sprinkle the mashed yolks on top. It's simple, but oh so delicious. I made it tonight because the guy I'm dating was telling me I needed to try this great dish his mom makes called Goldenrod. I couldn't believe it. Someone who knows this same dish, small world? Maybe...we'll see. My kids were thrilled that there was a reason to make Egg Ala, as we call it for short. They love it. I might have mentioned that this Christmas we made it our new traditional morning breakfast dish. YUMMM!!!!

wednesday, february 25, 2009

I spend a lot of time in front of this computer. Honestly...TOO MUCH front of this computer. Today, however, was with great purpose. I've got pictures all over the place on here, in tons of different folders. I was trying to get some organization to it all. I made some great progress, but I still have work to do. It's an important part of my history keeping. I'm not going to feel guilty about this part of my computer time. It's the Facebook, Gmail and random surfing that I've got to get under control. I vow to do it!!! I will take control of my life.

tuesday, february 24, 2009

This has been a very common view for me and Lucas over the last year or so. Lucas is a very picky eater. I've never had a child who is THIS PICKY! He is so far from the normal child eating habits that it baffles me. Most like cheese, french fries, potatoes, pasta, chicken nuggets and such, but not Lucas. He almost exclusively loves "hangaburs." It's ridiculous, but true. I've taken the easy way out and just dashed to Mickey D's often to grab a little cheese "hangabur" for lunch. I've got to fix this little problem...soon.

monday, february 23, 2009

Almost every night there is a sunset that takes my breath away. I've always loved sunsets. My kids even know how much I love them, because they appreciate their beauty as well, and love to point them out to me. I never tire enjoying a good sunset.


Nick Scott Family said...

Your pictures are AMAZING!! I need to take more pictures and take some lessons too...I love the Project 365 ... I wanted to do it but they ran out ... I guess I could still do it myself ... but good for you!