Wednesday, October 7, 2009

{october 7, 2009}


Got a ton done today. My friend came over and helped me finish up in organizing and going through all of Lucas' toys. In the process we were able to clear out all the clutter that has made his and Chase's room a disaster zone. It feels so good to get SOME organization in place. I feel I have so far to go, but at least I'm getting somewhere. Thanks friend, for your help.

Lucas was so excited after I picked up from school and told him we were going to get the car washed. I meant to just get the quick, cheap wash. Instead I blurted out the name of the more expensive detailed wash and didn't realize it until he came back with my credit card receipt. Oh well, maybe that will teach me to slow down and be in the moment.


Anonymous said...

I have done the same thing!!!! Life gets crazy and we don't realize it until we do something like that.
Have a great weekend!

A Musing Mother said...

I am in the midst of organizing. Something about organize every needful thing... and I've found that not all is needful.

Encourage me. I'm exhausted. FYI, if faced between the choice of a regular shredder and a cross cutter - always choose the cross cutter.