Wednesday, May 6, 2009

{may 6, 2009}


This day, I remember today too well actually. Some days in our lives are profoundly etched into our memories. Time does very little to diminish the memory of the feelings and happenings of the day. Because this is so public, there are some things I cannot share in my journaling. I've thought about whether it would make more sense to put some things in a private journal, but then I think there are some things I would never really want anyone to read. What I do know is the sun shines every day whether we can see it or not. There may be clouds in the sky with rain or snow pouring down, and even though we cannot see the sun. It is always there. Some of our days may seem overcast and dreary, but if we remember that our Heavenly Father is always there, then we can find peace in the storms.